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An inflamed or infected tooth can be painful and cause damage if left untreated, but Dr. Shahla Ranjbar at Village Dentistry of Leesburg can provide relief with a simple root canal. Although it sounds intimidating, root canals don’t feel much different than a filling. If you’re looking for a root canal dentist in the Leesburg, Virginia, area, make an appointment with Dr. Ranjbar.

Root Canal Treatment Q & A

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What is a root canal?

A root canal is an effective way to preserve an infected tooth without having to pull it. During a root canal, Dr. Ranjbar drills a hole inside your tooth, removes the pulp, and fills in the canal with filling material to seal it. The procedure should just feel like you’re getting a filling.

A fully-mature tooth doesn’t need the pulp to survive, so removing it isn’t a problem. Your tooth will look and function like normal after a root canal.

When is a root canal necessary?

If the pulp inside your tooth has become infected or inflamed, you may need a root canal. Your tooth may have become infected because of:

  • Deep decay
  • Extensive work done on a tooth
  • A crack in the tooth
  • Injury

These infections may cause numerous symptoms that signal the need for a root canal. These symptoms include:

  • Severe toothache
  • Swollen or tender gums
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Lump or abscess on the gums

Does a root canal hurt?

A root canal relieves pain from an infection or inflammation. So, while you may be apprehensive about the treatment, you should feel better afterward.

And root canals aren’t as scary as you might imagine. Many patients report no pain and say the procedure is comparable to getting a filling. Your mouth is numbed with anesthesia so that you won’t feel anything except the vibrations and pressure from the dentist working.

After your root canal, you may experience sensitivity and discomfort for a few days, and your tooth might feel different than your other teeth for a while, but that’s normal. Persistent pain or pressure, however, could be cause for concern and should be brought to Dr. Ranjbar’s attention.

Who performs root canals?

Your regular dentist or endodontist can perform a root canal. Dr. Ranjbar is trained and equipped to handle root canals and can provide the familiarity and convenience of getting all your dental work done in one place.

If you need a root canal, call Dr. Ranjbar’s office to set up your first appointment.